Juffair is an area within the capital Manama, Bahrain. Also known as the Las Vegas of Bahrain because of its tall buildings and active nightlife. Juffair, as opposed to today and before the sea reclamation, was a calm village by the sea. Land reclamation began in the seventies, but reclamation was not just about the sea, most of the people from Juffair area were not able to afford or access the reclaimed land that was being created, which created complex social and economic dynamics between the old and the new settlers in Juffair.

Our approach was to take portraits of the fragmented inhabitants of Juffair, photographing them against a black backdrop, portraits were accompanied by oral histories as a methodology to comprehend the urban transformation in the area.

To add to the approach to tell the story, we included abstract video and photographs to explore the ongoing urban development in the new Juffair and the structure and community of old Juffair reflecting on how are their continuities or discontinuities. This work aims to build a working narrative assessed from levels of individual memory, community memory and cultural memory.

This work is part of Mawane second cultural season.

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