But hope is born from the suffering womb

Project by Mariam Alarab, Hussain Almosawi (coming soon)

Bahrain, the land of two seas, fresh and salty water, the dearly sought pearls and the many realities. Once a traders’ and travelers’ hub, and forever a nurturing mother, embracing all.

Observing the lives of Bahrainis in the post-2011 political events, as they attempt to resume living their lives, while dealing with the loss or absence of loved ones, and, or, following traumatic and troubling experiences. These events have had torn the community and left the country with many questions, uncertainty, and an identity crisis, deepened and worsened by the split and fragmentation of different groups of the community, based on different political views and stances.

These calamities simmered from years of suppressed dissent in Bahrain, an ongoing fight since the early twentieth century, which has created generations of lost stories and suppressed sentiments.

Although on the surface, life has seemingly resumed its normal state, people are still living under an unwanted reality and controlled by fear.

But hope is born from the suffering womb, draws a portrait of the scattered pieces of a country in turmoil, it follows stories of Bahraini people as they battle through and attempt to recover from the trauma of loss and violence, of details that are lying low beneath the surface, yet in plain sight.

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